New tidbit from Netwalker Uprising

Hot off the word processor:

Angela found Nik packing his go-bag in the armory.  He looked up at her from working the action of his preferred sniper rifle, face that studied blank he maintained before going out on a black operation.

“So it’s come to this,”  she said.

“Not what you think it is,”  Nik said, nodding to himself as he examined the action one last time before swiftly breaking the rifle down into travel components.  “Mel can’t file Contract on Andrew, and he can’t file on her.  Not while they’re both on the Gizmo Exec.”  He fitted the rifle components into the compact bag, then picked up a blaster, checking the charge.  “My job is to bring Mariskova back.  Alive.”

“Do you even know where she is?”

“Southern California.  Something with Stephens, but no longer Head of Security.”  He packed the blaster.  “My job to find that out.  They’re keeping her under close wraps.”

She knew better than to ask about his recon.  “Alone or with support?”

“I’m taking Karl.  I need an Enforcer.”  He sighed.  “Ange, too much of this is locked up in Exec issues.  I can’t get more than Karl involved, because I’m not necessarily doing this just for Mel.  This job has Exec approval, Mel and Andrew excluded because of their role.”  He packed five stun poppers.  “Depending on what I find out, this could get one hell of a lot bigger.  We’re moving fast and silent.”  He shook the bag gently, then picked it up.

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