It’s a book!



Netwalker Uprising is now available in trade paperback POD (Createspace),

Kindle, and Nook!  Other devices coming soon, and I’ll be doing some stuff through Goodreads as soon as I get that set up and figured out.

So what’s it about?


In a post-apocalypse recovery future, how can Melanie Fielding find a way to protect her family and her business from virtual attacks by opponents from beyond the grave?  Her company, Do It Right, makes the computer chip implants that allow personalities to upload to a virtual existence, called Netwalk.  Melanie leads the Enforcer team that manages Netwalkers and keeps them from preying on living people in the virtual arena.

But not every Netwalker comes from Do It Right technology.  Not every Netwalker acknowledges Melanie’s authority.  And now Melanie faces the very dangerous reality that her dead ex-fiancé, Liam Jeffreys, leads those forces that would destroy both Melanie and Do It Right.  Forces that call upon technology that may have been lost in the Disruptions of 2046.  Melanie must ally with her treacherous grandmother, the Netwalker Sarah Stephens, to battle these forces.

 Can she trust Sarah?  Can she trust her mother Diana, Sarah’s living host, who is obsessed by the need for Melanie to produce an heir?  Why is an heir for Melanie so important?  And what is the truth about the artefact called Gizmo that Sarah and Diana keep concealing from Melanie?  Melanie must find the answers to these questions while protecting herself and her loved ones as well as her company against those who seek to neutralize and destroy her.

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