Happy Book Day, Netwalk’s Children!

Honestly, I think Netwalk’s Children is my favorite book of the series. By the time I got around to writing it, several years had gone by and I had written a lot of previous backstory which is now out in Life in the Shadows. By this point I was starting to get a feel for book structure ingrained in my brain. But–I was also writing it during a major move, and I had resorted to creating a complex scene matrix to help me be able to turn around and pick up the thread of the plot quickly–writing in dribs and drabs here and there.

Editing this book for republication was also somewhat easier than with the first two. But oh dear Lord, I am so not using <> to indicate mindspeech in the future. I kept it in this series, but nope, not gonna use it in the future. Italics, m-dashes, all of that will be more effective. Continuity edits were a bit more necessary, but….

Anyway. Over the hump now with this book. Two more Netwalk Sequence books to go, and then the box set this fall.

I’ve also adjusted my price points. Alas, $6.99 isn’t working for sales. And since I want to sell books, well…dropped my prices to $4.99, and am organizing to do a bit more promotion.

I’m also experimenting with using QR codes on Book Brush. We shall see….

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