A wee snippet from BEYOND HONOR

Working away on Beyond Honor, the novella prequel to Pledges of Honor, and decided that maybe I should post some snippets. So here’s a raw bit from today’s work so far:

“Whoa,” Alicira breathed to Narasin. The mare halted sharply and stomped a forefoot, sending sparks flying. Alicira drew, taking aim at the Nitel construct, hoping that the weakening spell would slow it. As she released, Delian screamed. Alicira turned to see Delian go down. His daranval struck at the Shadowwalker.
“NO!” she shrieked and urged Narasin ahead, grabbing her last arrow as her brother doubled over and the Shadowwalker raised his sword for another blow. She aimed, shot. The arrow struck the Shadowwalker’s sword arm as he struck at Delian and the Shadowwalker fell back, snarling. Alicira dropped her bow over her saddle horn and drew her sword, keening as Delian slumped on the ground, his daranval standing over him protectively.

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