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Orycon 2014

Oh yeah, I do have a con coming up (wry grin). Getting so involved in horse and writing and….stuff that I do need to bring this up. I will be offering an Orycon Special on the Diana and Will series (most recent publication: Shadow Harvest). Then, afterwards, it’s back to writing like a fiend and occasional checks of the ski conditions (sadly abysmal so far).

So here’s the Orycon schedule:

Friday Schedule

2-3 pm Buy Your Unconscious Mind a Drink


4-5 pm Critique session (potential move to 7 pm)


Saturday Schedule

10-10:30 am Reading


11-12 am Building Your Protagonist


1-2 pm Electronic vs Physical Media


3-4 pm The Internet: How Do You Keep Anything Private?


4-5 pm Are You a Good Emperor or a Bad Emperor?


5-6 pm Science Fiction as a Tool for Social Change


Sunday Schedule

10-11 am The Full-Time Writer’s Safety Net


1-2 pm A Touch of Farmer, a Pinch of LeGuin

Jefferson/Adams (moderator)

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Call for beta readers–Alien Savvy

Well, the rewrite/expansion of Alien Savvy went to nearly 22,000 words from 5,500, and it feels pretty much complete now, not truncated like the short story was. Lots more depth, lots more flow to it. I like the little bugger. I guess it really did want to be a novella.

But. I need beta readers, especially betas who remember 1962 and can spot potential anachronisms. Anybody want to read a sf-western crossover with lots of horse action in it? Free copy of the final version and reader’s choice of any of my other books available for those who want to volunteer.

And now it’s on to a couple of other stories, plus the beginnings of Netwalk’s Children. Kicking off my sorta NaNo following with around 2000 words today, gonna shoot for that consistently throughout the month.

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