Writing accountability post #6

Well, the computer pictured is no longer part of my life. It’s in the process of being recycled. Ah well, it had a decent run and helped me produce many books.

This week has been a bit discombobulated as far as writing was concerned. We had to make a quick run to Portland for medical stuff–one appointment got cancelled, but it was the less important one, so that’s good. The other–a routine bone scan to check on the state of my 65-year-old bones–went off smoothly, and odds are pretty darn good from the one glimpse I got that I’ll get a verdict of solid bones. However, a Portland trip pretty much means at least two days lost to getting much done on the writing front. I did manage to deal with some interview stuff, etc etc, but otherwise?

Fortunately, I had somewhat accounted for this. Originally, my plan was to spend Portland time drafting my promotion plan for 2023. Well, that didn’t happen. All the same, I had some thoughts about Federation Cowboy on the way down and where I’ll take it–not as far as my original plan went way back when during my first planning for it, but still, given everything that is now popping up in this story, quite appropriate. Plus I got some work done on a worldbuilding short story that might get submitted to the NIWA anthology–or not, depending on what I think of it when I get the darn thing finished.

This is one of those weeks where looking back at my to-do list and looking at what did get done was a big ego boost. Federation Cowboy episodes are now loaded on Kindle Vella through March 22nd. That’s a bit of relief. I started on that Harbinger story for NIWA–or not, if not, it’s still a good worldbuilding story. I filled out a number of interview questionnaires, which was great!

And one of the huge, HUGE things–I sat down and created two spreadsheets. One tracks events that I will be connected with and might want to do promotion for. All events–from NIWA book table sales and podcasts to currently scheduled promotions through Draft2Digital, to convention appearances. The other tracks interviews and reviews that are scheduled WITH LINKS.

I can’t believe I haven’t done this before. For one thing, this means I can look back and request more appearances after a year or two has gone by. I just–how could I have overlooked this?

The other thing is that I started work on a promotion plan that is a completely different approach from what I’ve done before. Instead of focusing on a campaign for each individual book and series, I’m taking a broader view and asking “what needs to be done for backlist series? For new releases? For events? For promo discounts? For interviews?”

Another aspect that I can’t believe I haven’t thought about before now.

Oh, I still have a lot to do. The coming week has worldbuilding, that short story, hopefully some more chapter work for both Federation Cowboy and The Cost of Power. I also need to do production work to bring Life in the Shadows out in paperback, and the wide/paperback version of Beating the Apocalypse. Those need to have some promotion of their own happening, too.

But maybe, just maybe, I’m getting a handle on things?

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