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February doldrums

Every year I seem to forget that February is a grim and dreary month.  Doesn’t matter about the number of bluebird ski days I get, February is still grim and dreary.  I get blindsided by IEPs at work, the kids are sinking into midyear grumpiness and behaviors and start blowing out, there’s usually at least one house/car/health issue and….stuff.

February.  Yuck.

This year, too, instead of taking a quick trip to the Tri-Cities for Radcon, I’m staying home.  It’s a good thing I had already planned to do this because I discovered that as union vice president, I need to run an election and the two days I would have been gone for Radcon would have interfered majorly with it.  There’s a major rally planned at the State Capitol for President’s Day and I need to go to it.  I have a certification test to prepare for.  I have an e-book MS to prep for.  IOW, while Radcon would have been a welcome sanity break, it would have piled on the stress in spades.  I would have needed to cancel and felt awful about it.

Not that this particular upcoming three-day weekend will be much of a break (see election, see paperwork, see certification test, see rally).  But at least I’ll get in skiing, I won’t be up late and doing panels, and I’ll get in more time working on the writing stuff.

Sometimes stress reduction is in the small stuff.  And this is one of those times.

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Bleargh. Monday!

Some weeks just need to go away.  This is going to be one of those weeks.  I look at my work schedule and cringe.  There’s just no way on earth I’m going to get everything done, much less be inspirational, creative and effective with students, and cope with being sick, a sick spouse, plus everything else in my life.  Can I just run away?

Faugh.  Monday blues strike yet again.  Between low snow levels, travel and sickness, I’ve not skied for almost a month.  Being sick kept me from seeing horse last week, and my schedule effectively screws it up this week as well.

Oh well.  I will suck it up and somehow find a way to get it all together.  If I play my cards right, this may well be the week that turns things around for me in many ways.  Or not.  That’s the tough piece, I don’t know if this is the week that things will turn around at last and be positive.  I would like to think so but I really just won’t be able to know until Friday gets here.  One thing I realized after a miserable, down-in-the-dumps, self-pitying Sunday is that once I just started moving and doing stuff, even in sick doing stuff mode (which means–slow, with stops to rest), miraculously, things started happening.  I think the problem for me right now is that I have so many balls spinning in the air that it is hard to see even incremental progress as progress until I’m done doing stuff for the day.

As it were, I managed to check off some big to-dos on my list.  My office actually is the least cluttered it’s been in ages.  Piles of stuff either got put away or recycled.  I have work spaces, I have discrete tasks to work on this week, and I can look around and see what has to be done and find things.

Now I just have to do this at work.  That’s a whole different story that makes me start to hyperventilate at the simple thought of it.  But I will do my best to make that happen as well, in spite of massive piles of crazy coming my way.

Deep breaths.  It’s survivable.  This, too, will pass.  It just looks bad on this side of the week.  Soon enough Friday will come and I’ll collapse in relief.

It’s just the getting there that will be nuts.


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