Writing Accountability Post #17

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Ugh, another monthly accountability analysis day.

I suppose I should be easier on myself because I had a convention and travel to manage, and they didn’t happen during the same time period. But I was also wrestling with gut problems for part of the month. While I’m getting it under control, that still sucked up time and energy. I didn’t get much promotion done, and as a result I didn’t make much in the way of sales this month. Not my usual thing. But…this was also the month where a lot of the promo stuff I’ve been doing slowed down. My doing, primarily.

However, I did get the paperback edition of Becoming Solo posted. I am in the last part of Federation Cowboy (which was supposed to have been wrapped up in April). The Cost of Power has become a series and may be the one that wraps up the Martiniere Multiverse. I need to think on it some more, especially since I suddenly got a notion about Gabe not being the first Martiniere to find refuge in the Pacific Northwest. One of his ancestors, Etienne Martiniere, escaped the French Revolution by becoming a fur trapper, was at the Hudson’s Bay Company in Fort Vancouver for a while, and founded the Canadian-US Martiniere family branches.

Well, I’m on my way to getting somewhere with all this, I suppose. I’m becoming more and more fond of Federation Cowboy, because it’s really heading for some interesting elements. I’m about five thousand words out from the climactic confrontation, which means I’m on the slide down to resolution of this story. Will I write more in this world? Probably. One pair of characters, Blackburn (a military intelligence rabbit), and his interpreter, Laura Richardson, have appeared in a couple of other short stories. But at the moment, once the story ends…it’s on to other things.

May is going to be a month heavy on planning. And on promotion.

We’ll see how it all works out.

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