Writing Accountability Post #16

Well, Indie Author Month has been a bust for me. I’m hoping this means that all the other indie authors are doing well, because it’s been my worst month for sales in 2023. I suppose it’s that I need to find further means of outreach, or that the people who bought things in January-March aren’t inspired to buy more of my books…which is a depressing concept. Either that, or the changes in social media have upset things once again. Which is always possible. But it’s one of those assessments which is totally depressing to consider.

Then again, I’ve slowed down on the social media promotion, which is probably a huge factor in the lack of sales. It took part of the week to clear up a problem with my gut. And then I needed to spend more time with family, and learn a social media site, and, and, and…

The simple fact is that production slowed down, both in putting together the paperbacks and in the actual writing. I really didn’t get that many words in this week, and can’t really explain it away by “well, I was doing promotion.”

I don’t know. April is not one of my favorite months, and it shows.

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