Writing Accountability Post #15

This was not an impressive week for accomplishments, primarily because I haven’t been feeling well. My chronic IBS decided to go into a flare last week, and got worse this week. Which always happens this time of year. It’s somewhat of a rite of spring (no advice, please, I’ve been dealing with this for over forty-five years and either a.) have tried what you would suggest or b.) what you suggest doesn’t work for me). Improvement is happening, but because it eventually causes fatigue, it slows down everything. Including writing.

Add to that a virtual convention, with panels. I love doing conventions, virtual or in-person. In-person is off the table right now because of Covid risk and our high-risk status. So it’s virtual paneling, which essentially just takes the running around the convention piece out of the equation. Otherwise, it’s much the same when it comes to preparation, planning, and add in checking to ensure the tech works. Being “up” for the panels themselves.

On the other hand, I feel very good about this. Between social media chatter and paneling, plus notes, I have some ideas and new strategies to enact. Plus some possible idea sources for future panels/workshops to consider.

I am making progress, slowly but surely, on Federation Cowboy. I have more confidence in that story.

I also went back through The Cost of Power last night after a Flights of Foundry panel about the muddle in the middle, and realized that this story is more than one book. I need to think more about it, however, in order to do justice. I have three big concepts in this book. Mind control technology. Digital thought clones. Multiverse. I wasn’t planning to get into the multiverse aspect in this particular world, but…I think this world is the best one to explore some elements of it.

So. The Cost of Power is going to be its own Martiniere Multiverse subseries, just like A Different Life is, and the current WIP will have a different title when I publish it. And it’s entirely possible that those universes may intersect. I’ve been thinking about the third volume of A Different Life, which is going to be pretty dark. However, it may lead the Gabe of The Cost of Power into a different path, as a cautionary tale. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I need to develop the other work. Tales of the Raven Alliance, the Weird West with dragons story. Flesh out Goddess’s Vision.

And promotion. I’ve been lagging on that front, and I need to get back to it. Sigh.

So many things to do, so little time.

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