Another spell of hard-charging busy times

Whew. Just spent a week pounding away at the short-term Day Jobbe integrating two different tasks between four different buildings. Talk about a crazy buzy time, enough that I was totally brain-fried by the end of the week. The last go-round, I had enough brain to toy with outlining an interesting new short story concept. This time…I got nuthin’.

Some of that is due to the reality that it’s plant sex season, and allergies make me stupid. The other part is just that I was juggling a lot, and, well, dealing with sleep issues. I’m hoping to get back to stories this coming week, but right now, it’s run and be busy while dealing with things other than writing.

Oh well. Been here before. Know it will work out. I have plans for blogs but the fatigue level has been such that I’ve not been able to think about them. We’ll see how things go.

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