Another midday ride, being sick, stuff

It’s been a rough January, pretty much between workload and health.  I’m working through freeing up the hips and I think that’s doing well, but DH got The Cold, passed it to me and to DS.  So we’re the Household of Plague.  Or at least coughing and hacking.  I’m now at the stage where I’m tired of being tired, I’m annoyed at the world, and I really want to be skiing and active and energetic again.

But I’m sick.  At least I’m at the hot toddy stage.

I rode Mocha today after not riding since Monday due to work stuff and fatigue.  Too many deadlines, too much fatigue from working while dragging sick (the not sick enough to stay home thing).  She nickered at me today when I walked into the barn, and we had a good session for the most part.  There was a moment when doing countercanter to the right that she had a Failure of Willing Suspension of Disbelief, but we hammered past that and now All Is Well.  We did lots of bending and suppling work incorporating an outside bend and she was very determined that bending to the outside on the right wasn’t a good thing to do.  But we got past it.

The Alice Mary story is simmering.  I’m going to work on it tomorrow.  Today is about household chores and rest.  And horse.

Tomorrow is a new application.  And writing.  And some housework.

But mostly, writing.  Because next week will be all about grading and progress reports and sped paperwork and frantic kids and frantic peers and…well.  Yes.  End of semester.  And we have debates next week.

That will be…interesting.

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