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Well, posting about a convention almost exactly a week after it ends isn’t exactly what one would consider a decent con report. Nonetheless, it’s the way life has been rolling, so there. Life has been busy. Did I think things would slow down once I no longer had a steady Day Jobbe and we got moved? Boy, was I mistaken. Granted, most of this is self-imposed, but if anything, our lives are busier and more involved than they were before. So. Busy. Life.

Well, and maybe a touch of con crud when we got back to Enterprise….

Anyway, this year the trip to Miscon did not feature a suicidal deer or a newborn fawn. It did, however, feature some rather epic eagle sightings. We drove from Enterprise to Lewiston and on to Missoula through the Lolo Pass, which meant we followed first the Clearwater River and then the Lochsa River up over the pass. During one curve along the Clearwater, while we were still on the Nez Perce Reservation, a bald eagle curved over the road and back over the river…about 40 feet from my windshield. Sweet.

Further up the pass, I started to notice horse poop on the road, in places where I a.) didn’t see horse pasture nearby and b.) would not consider to be rideable road horse placement on the road. As we ascended the pass, I could see the poop getting fresher and fresher. I started to suspect that we might come around a corner and encounter a horse-drawn wagon. Considering how tight those corners are and how narrow the turns (with big truck loads running over the road, geez, takes me back to the day of big log loads on the Mohawk), I wasn’t too thrilled about encountering a wagon. Fortunately, they were still in camp (we drove by them).

The drive over Lolo is pretty darn gorgeous. There’s lots of trail access from the highway and the rivers were running high enough to support good-sized raft parties. There’s always the opportunity to see wildlife–and on the downhill side, we spotted a spike bull moose hanging out in a swamp.

Miscon this year was in a new hotel, with overflow space into a small park and a couple of downtown facilities. The Clark Fork River runs right behind the hotel, so we still had the meadow and river ambiance…only bigger. Instead of a small handful of food places available, there were some pretty good options within a decent walking distance. Plus a stunning 50s-era building that is both well-preserved and absolutely hilarious in its adherence to 50s-era design. Did I get pictures? Nope. I intended to, but….

The con itself went well. I sold a couple of books, handed some out, and met some cool new people. Somehow the alternative comics panel managed to span everything from the 60s to the present day in one hour, while touching on offshoots affected by alternative/underground comix such as comics/graphic novels in education and literacy, a brief nod to feminism in early underground comix, regional comix, political comix, and the influence of 60s-70s comix on the development of contemporary series such as the Simpsons, Girl Genius, and so on. It was fun but intense.

Our return was nowhere near as dramatic with regard to critter sightings. I did see quite a few swallowtail butterflies hanging out by the road as we drove down the Lochsa in particular, fluttering around certain puddles. The car collected a healthy dose of bugs, and we had a gorgeous view of the hillside above Asotin that was glowing purple from the fresh-bloomed vetch in the late afternoon sun.

So, as always, Miscon was a marvelous time, with marvelous people, and lots of opportunities to meet up with good friends. Already looking forward to next year.

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Beyond Honor release date and cover reveal, plus Birth of Sorrows

So the release date for Beyond Honor is going to be July 1, perhaps sooner but that’s going to be the official date that it will be available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and etc. I have a lovely cover designed by Roslyn McFarland, and as of yesterday I put down the first 1000 words of the short story that is going to be featured in the Coming Soon pages at the end of Beyond Honor–“Birth of Sorrows,” a short story about the birth of Alicira’s daughter Rekaré, which follows about six months after the events of Beyond Honor.

Here’s the cover:

Beyond Honor front cover

Isn’t it a lovely little thing?

And as for “Birth of Sorrows,” well, that’s a lovely thing as well. Here’s an excerpt:


It could be forgivable to assume that the shimmering of the air over the high mountain ridge’s grassland was nothing more than early summer’s heat. But edgy silence accompanied the flickering air as the midafternoon sun beat down on the broad, flat expanse. No crickets chirped, no hawks screamed. Even the camp of Keldaran and Clendan kinfolk summering on the high ridge lay mute; no children running, the camp herds clustered together, adults doing only what was urgent. Otherwise, they, too, watched as magic spread out from the large mat lodge belonging to their leaders, Heinmyets of Keldara, Inharise of Clenda, and Alicira the Outcast.

A long shriek echoed through the camp. The air on the open flat quavered stronger than ever and the strong, thrumming vibration that announced a God’s impending arrival even to the uninitiated and magicless rolled over the ridge in response to the cry. Another scream burst from the lodge, followed by sobbing gasps for air. Magic thickened around the camp, its heavy hand spreading fear even among the adults so that they signed protections for themselves and their children.

Orlanden en Selail’s fingers itched to pull his bow out of its case as he stood head of the guard around the Leaders’ lodge. He was no stranger to powerful magic, but this high sorcery of the Seven Crowned Gods made his skin prickle as if venomous centipedes were crawling all over him. His normal response to this sensation would be to prepare for a battle.

But not this time. Not when a sorceress of the Miteal gave birth to another sorceress of equal or greater potential power. Alicira the Outcast, exiled though she might be, still carried significant magical power that she had needed to put away during the last part of her pregnancy. Now, with the impending birth of this child, Alicira’s magic rebounded with renewed strength to protect her against the uncontrolled fledging power her daughter would wield in her first breaths.

What was the old saying? When sorceress gives birth to sorceress, the Gods themselves may tremble. Given that the sire of this girl was none other than Zauril the Usurper, a strong and powerful magician with aspirations to join the Seven’s pantheon by overthrowing one of them, there was no doubt in Orlanden’s mind that the Gods were trembling. No doubt that at least one of the Gods, if not all of them, would come to witness her birth.


I’m thinking that I may read from this at MisCon, possibly also a snippet from Beyond Honor. Sound intriguing?

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Musing over categories


Poor Netwalk’s Children. I think it’s the best book so far of the Netwalk Sequence, but it’s getting hardly any attention. Some of that is possibly the cover; more might be due to the difficulty of finding a good category to put the story in. I know that there are readers out there who would like the story. But where to find them, where to find them…especially through keywords!

One of the challenges is that the story is a cross between cyberpunk and multigenerational corporate family sagas. The cyberpunk aspect has to do with the nature of Netwalk and Netwalkers and their interface with the gadget not-so-fondly known as the Gizmo, a war machine of mysterious origin. The Gizmo is controlled by an international body known as the Corporate Courts, a legacy from the somewhat dystopian period of the mid-21st century when the government of what once was the United States went through multiple upheavals, the Middle East became the Petroleum Autonomous Zone (no, I’ve not written that story and I’m somewhat afraid to go there….). One of the Corporate Courts’s functions is the promotion and development of space colonies and space stations for various reasons, including industrial development as well as expanding human residency in space. Think of it as a means of providing an off-Earth governing body.

The multigenerational corporate family saga piece is that we see the social and political organization of this particular world through the eyes of the female corporate leaders of one family, the Stephens-Andrews-Landreth family. With Children, we enter the fourth generation of the story, with three generations alive and two digitally uploaded after her death. The uploaded matriarch, Sarah Stephens, knows a lot about the Gizmo and its ultimate aims, and doesn’t trust the damn gadget as far as she can throw it. Her son-in-law William Landreth, late husband to Sarah’s daughter Diana, is also an uploaded Netwalker and his opinion matches Sarah’s. However, Diana doesn’t necessarily agree with Sarah, which causes a problem since Diana is also Sarah’s living Netwalk host (Netwalkers need live hosts to recharge and stay sane). The connection between Diana and Sarah has been fraying for years but everyone’s been willing to work around it until now.

Will and Diana’s daughter Melanie, who is the head Enforcer (those who police and manage Netwalkers and their hosts) and also president of the family bioremediation/Netwalk chip producer company Do It Right (Netwalk grew out of the development of wireless communication with bioremediation nanobots and drones) has a lot to manage. Years ago she split with the Corporate Courts, maintaining links only through the High Space Treaty that controls space development and travel, because of the Gizmo’s effect on her daughter Bess. One of the mandatory elements of Corporate Courts leadership is exposure of their children to the Gizmo in order to improve and facilitate linkages with Gizmo resources including access to Netwalk, as well as bond them to the goals of the Courts. The Gizmo took a strong dislike to Bess and tried to kill her as an infant. A similar but less dramatic event happened when Melanie’s brother Andrew exposed his son Richard to the Gizmo.

Meanwhile, Melanie and Andrew have a contentious past history, including the two of them nearly killing each other in the early days of Netwalk when Andrew was possessed by the uploaded personality of their uncle Peter. However, since they’ve both become parents, they’ve been cautiously rebuilding their relationship behind closed doors. Publicly, they’ve not been allies. Privately, well, they aren’t best buddies but the connections have improved.

So that’s the backstory. In the book, the Gizmo starts manipulating people to break free from its restraints, focusing on Richard (Rick) as its tool to get to Bess and use Bess’s strengths. Melanie and Andrew make their new alliance public and find a new ally outside of the Courts. Sarah and Diana have it out and Sarah cultivates a relationship with Bess, who she wants to have as her new host.

POV characters are Sarah, Melanie, and Bess. With the addition of Bess we get a YA-type character but the book isn’t necessarily YA. So this is a mess of genres, and I’m trying to find the best label for the whole dang thing. “Cyberpunk” doesn’t necessarily cover everything that’s going on in the book. “Multigenerational family saga,” however, isn’t necessarily the first thing one thinks of when looking at cyberpunk. I guess I’d probably pitch it now as “Dallas meets Cyteen” but that still doesn’t give me a label. One friend suggested “regency cyberpunk” or “cyberpunk regency,” but then that has way too many echoes of steampunk, as I’ve discovered when trying out the label on other folks.

Dang. It’s a dilemma, for sure.

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More stuff available at the new marketplace

So I now have Netwalk: Expanded Edition, Netwalker Uprising, Winter Shadows, Shadow Harvest, and Alien Savvy up on Payhip, and links are up on the appropriate book/series pages as well as below.

Alien Savvy

Winter Shadows

Shadow Harvest

Netwalk: Expanded Edition

Netwalker Uprising

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New place to buy my books

So I’m getting out there with a new location to buy my books…Payhip. Books will be available in mobi (Kindle), epub, and pdf formats. The cool thing here is that you’re buying direct from me through these guys, and I get more of your payment in return.

So far I have the following books loaded:


Payhip link

epub cover

Payhip link

There will be more coming, as I get back to the main computer and upload more. Plus I’ll be running specials on the Netwalk Sequence books. Stay tuned….

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Radcon schedule

First con of 2016, and I’m excited. Radcon (Pasco, Washington)  is always fun….so if you’re there, come see me at a panel or grab me at a break!

Friday, February 12

4:15-5:15 pm Is it always true you have story ideas?

Audience members toss out ideas and genres for panelists to respond to with story ideas.

5:30-6:30 pm Empaths, Synesthetes, & Other Super Powers

Moderating this one. Should be interesting.

6:45-7:45 pm The value of being alien in your own culture

There are many terms people use to describe individuals who do not reside in the main portion of the bell curve such as being manic, depressive, ADD, ADHD, autistic, color blind or even myopic. Yet these differences have stayed in our population. Could it be that there is a benefit in certain situations where these conditions are actually beneficial to long term survival? Come listen to our panel of experts and find out.

Saturday, February 13

11:00 am-12:00 pm Autograph session

12:30-1:30 pm How Big a Fish Do You Need To Be?

You’re an independent writer. You’re an independent musician. You’re an independent artist. How big do you need to be to make a sustainable living? The traditional track to success has involved the large imprints and labels, but that’s not working so well anymore, particularly not for musicians. Come listen to our pros talk about alternative ways of building your own career niche as an independent creator.

5:30 -6:30 pm You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down

Why do we like strong women in our stories? What do you like about them. Is there anything you’ve had enough of yet? Reading and Writing the Formidable Woman.

6:45-7:45 pm Nonconformity & Personal Agency in Geek Culture

Schools teach about self-efficacy, but often as a tool to effectively conform. What about empowerment? Better yet: personal agency – having a voice and guiding one’s own journey. This includes nurturing a culture of consent, innovation, and getting in the hero’s role for your journey.

Sunday, February 14

10:30-11:00 am Reading

11:15 am-12:15 am Non-biological pets

Not virtual pets, but actual walking, (talking?) Robot dogs, cats, and mini dragons? They don’t poop, you feed them electricity or sunlight, they act like they have personalities, and (if maintained) they don’t die. Will they replace the real thing, in time?

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Get it while you can…

I’m publishing sections of Beyond Honor over at Kindle’s Write On boards. It’s not betaed or edited yet so you get to see what my rough draft processes look like, warts and all. I don’t even have chapter divisions done yet so this is REALLY rough stuff.

Come check it out here.


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Whew. Webpage updated

I’ve slowly been working on updating my web page over the past week and–whew–it’s finally DONE. I changed the theme, added pages including one for the Goddess’s Honor series, a page for anthology appearances, and updated my bibliography and the Netwalk Sequence page. Now it looks somewhat respectable–I think. Perhaps not as good as it would if I hired someone to design it, but right now, the publishing budget just doesn’t allow for design. So I’ve simplified the navigation and things should be reasonable to find…now. For whatever reason, this blog shows up as the front page, which is okay, really. In any case, I can cross “update the webpage” off of the list of things to do for this month.

Dang. Besides that, I also put down another 1,000 words on Beyond Honor and started revising “Glorianna.” That short story is getting thoroughly overhauled, including a change from first person to third person. So far it reads better. Add in some errands around the house involved with unpacking and putting things up on the walls, as well as a quick run out to the barn to check on a horse for the barn owner…and it’s been a busy day here in Enterprise.

Now it’s time to go relax.

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Interview link

Have a nice interview over here.

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Netwalk’s Children Chapter Eight

Arrgh, arrgh, arrgh. Wrestling with CreateSpace and Gimp this morning to get some decent covers through so I’ll have paperbacks for Radcon. The life of a hybrid writer….

Anyway! Netwalk’s Children is on special at Kindle this month–$2.99 for the month of January! Want to read the rest of the story…pick it up here.

And now on to our story. We get to see Netwalker Sarah at work, followed by her first real contact directly with Bess, without Melanie and Diana as intermediaries. Um, is it a good thing that great-grandmother and great-granddaughter appear to get along?

Continue reading

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