Goddess’s Honor


Introduction to the Goddess’s Honor Series

What happens when the endless squabbling between the Seven Crowned Gods/Goddesses spills over into mortal politics, and human magicians must make choices that challenge the Gods/Goddesses on their own ground? The Goddess’s Honor series features two cousins, Katerin and Rekaré, as they wrestle with the choices that the Gods/Goddesses thrust upon them. Both women must decide which God or Goddess they truly follow—and how far they will go to restrain rogue divinities.

Goddess’s Honor works in chronological order:

Beyond Honor

Aireii sorceress Alicira, last magician of the house of Miteal, has escaped the clutches of Zauril, murderer of most of her family and usurper of the Leadership of Medvara. She struggles to remain free of his control, especially since her unborn daughter, Zauril’s child, may have inherited his magic instead of hers. Will she be able to find a safe refuge to rear her child free from Zauril’s influence and wreak her vengeance on him, or will the Gods interfere? Her only surviving sibling swears such a place is in Keldara. But will she be able to reach Keldara without losing all she holds dear?

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The Goddess’s Choice: A Goddess’s Honor Short Story

Vered desperately wants to become a Sorcerer-Captain so that she can command a ship free from the demands of her cousin, Emperor Chatain of the Miteal. But first she has to prove her worth to the Goddess Terat. Will she succeed?

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Exile’s Honor: A Goddess’s Honor Novelette

Alicira is safe in Keldara after fleeing Medvara to escape Zauril’s clutches. Or is she? She has an ugly past with her new mother-in-law, who still wears the magical restraint bracelets that Alicira put on her eight years ago. Will Nateria take advantage of Alicira’s desperate circumstances to exact her revenge…or will she recognize the danger they all face?

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Birth of Sorrow: A Goddess’s Honor Short Story

The long-awaited birth of Alicira’s daughter is happening while an unknown number of the Seven Crowned Gods wait to meet her. What do the Gods want with this child, and what fate will she have? Is Alicira’s daughter bearing Alicira’s magic or that of her cursed father Zauril? Only the Gods know.

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Pledges of Honor

PLEDGES OF HONOR introduces us to Katerin, a wandering circuit healer seeking to avoid both her past and a prophecy that could mean her doom. But when the suicide of a village healer sweeps her into the intrigues of Gods and humans, she has no choice but to face past and prophecy to do what is right. Can Katerin forge an alliance with the dangerously attractive Metkyi, avoid the curses of her destiny, and help restore a hidden leader to her rightful place? Explore this high fantasy story with a non-European setting and strong female characters for something different!

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Return to Wickmasa

A heavy-hearted Katerin returns to Wickmasa after Rekaré’s costly capture of the Leadership of Medvara which resulted in the deaths of her beloved Metkyi and her hidden father Alame. Not only must she console her new sister-in-law but the woman who has been her hidden father’s beloved for so many years. Can Katerin help heal their sorrow as well as her own, and restore Metkyi’s heartstone that broke upon his death?

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Challenges of Honor

Change is coming eleven years after the events that transformed Katerin Healer into Katerin ea Miteal and catapulted Rekaré ea Miteal to the Leadership of Medvara. Katerin’s daughter Witmara grows stronger in magic while studying under Alicira, Katerin’s cousin and Rekaré’s mother. Rekaré struggles with her mixed feelings toward her leadership and her daughter Melarae. When a challenge to Rekaré arises from a recent Daran Empire exile, Chiral, as Alicira’s health fails, Katerin must choose between remaining obscure, or fully claim her role as a Miteal. The Seven Crowned Gods have their own agenda. What are the consequences of thwarting Chiral’s schemes, and why are the Gods meddling now? Katerin and Rekaré are faced with many challenging choices but not all are honorable—or wise.

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Cleaning House: A Goddess’s Honor Outtake Story

An old Wooden house burning

What happens when Katerin returns to Medvare-the-city?

Katerin returns to Medvare-the-city as Leader of Medvara after the conclusion of Challenges of Honor. She must deal with mysterious fires and a rebellious Tapestry that links the Leader’s magic to the land of Medvara. Can Katerin succeed in winning over Medvara’s magic when her relatives have failed?

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