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KLONE’S STRONGHOLD: In a world of supernatural beings, not knowing what you are is dangerous.

After Reeni Dutta’s ex-husband Karl attacks her at a music festival, she finds a refuge teaching cryptid construct children at Klone’s Stronghold in northeastern Oregon’s isolated Bucket Mountains. But things are not as they seem at the Stronghold, from the older proprietors of a nearby store and the Stronghold’s leader Alexander Reed Klone, to Reeni herself. She discovers it’s not just Karl who seeks to control who and what she is, but forces from her past that threaten her present. Can she learn the truth about herself and do what is needed in time to defend the Stronghold?

Now available on Amazon, and Nook, Kobo, Apple, and others through Draft2Digital.

CHALLENGES OF HONOR, the second book in the Goddess’s Honor series.

Change is coming eleven years after the events that transformed Katerin Healer into Katerin ea Miteal and catapulted Rekaré ea Miteal to the Leadership of Medvara. Katerin’s daughter Witmara grows stronger in magic while studying under Alicira, Katerin’s cousin and Rekaré’s mother. Rekaré struggles with her mixed feelings toward her leadership and her daughter Melarae. When a challenge to Rekaré arises from a recent Daran Empire exile, Chiral, as Alicira’s health fails, Katerin must choose between remaining obscure, or fully claim her role as a Miteal. The Seven Crowned Gods have their own agenda. What are the consequences of thwarting Chiral’s schemes, and why are the Gods meddling now? Katerin and Rekaré are faced with many challenging choices but not all are honorable—or wise.

Now available on Amazon, and Nook, Kobo, Apple, and others through Draft2Digital.

SHADOW HARVEST: A ranch war of the future…

Diana Landreth returns home from the Amazon to discover that her dying father is being forced to sell the Andrews Ranch after an unknown biological and radiological substance has poisoned it. But her father-in-law, Parker Landreth, has designs on the ranch and tries to blackmail Diana and her husband Will into selling it to him. Can Diana and Will discover the truth about what’s been done to the Andrews Ranch and use their bioremediation company to rehabilitate it, thwarting Parker’s evil schemes? Or will Parker’s hatred of Diana and her family triumph, leaving Diana’s stepmother and young half-sister homeless? Diana must use every tool possible to save the ranch…including calling upon her estranged mother for assistance. But that assistance comes with a price….

Now available on Amazon and Nook, Kobo, Apple, and others through Draft2Digital.

NETWALKING SPACE: Series finale for the Netwalk Sequence series (for now?).

78,954 alien devices appear just outside Pluto orbit, with a projected trajectory that ends at Earth…and the data shows they’re identical to the Gizmo war machine that destroyed ten Earth cities before it was captured and confined….

For four generations Bess Fielding and her family have led the battle to control the destructive Gizmo device that also allowed for the development of Netwalk, a digital virtual networking and communication system that allows personalities to upload at death. Bess, her mother Melanie, and her Netwalker great-grandmother Sarah have suspected Gizmo’s alien origin for years.

But when a fleet of Gizmo devices arrives at the Solar System, their focus on defending against this invasion is disrupted by disclosures of dark secrets from Sarah’s past. These revelations provoke a dangerous breakdown in Bess’s grandmother Diana, turning her into a Gizmo collaborator. Bess and her family must unite to save Diana and lead the fight to protect Earth—but who is trustworthy? Who is a betrayer? Who gets sacrificed to stop the invading fleet? Bess, Melanie, and Sarah are in a race against time and face tough choices…that will impact those they love.

Now available on Amazon and Nook, Kobo, Apple, and others through Draft2Digital.


Bess Fielding and Alex Jeffries are committed to a future in space with Bess’s family company, Do It Right. But that future comes with a steep learning curve in a place where the simplest mistake can be deadly…and not all those mistakes are naturally caused. Being a leader in new space technologies doesn’t stop sabotage from happening, however. As one of the leading production companies in space, Do It Right can be a target for the disgruntled and the ambitious. Nonetheless, Bess and Alex learn more about space and each other, until…good times come to an end….

Now available on Amazon and Nook, Kobo, Apple, and others through Draft2Digital.

PLEDGES OF HONOR, the exciting first book in the Goddess’s Honor series, is now live on Amazon, and Nook, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Oyster and others through Draft2Digital.

PLEDGES OF HONOR, the first book in the Goddess’s Honor series, introduces us to Katerin, a wandering circuit healer seeking to avoid both her past and a prophecy that could mean her doom. But when the suicide of a village healer sweeps her into the intrigues of Gods and humans, she has no choice but to face past and prophecy to do what is right. Can Katerin forge an alliance with the dangerously attractive Metkyi, avoid the curses of her destiny, and help restore a hidden leader to her rightful place? Explore this high fantasy story with a non-European setting and strong female characters for something different!

NETWALK’S CHILDREN, the third book in the Netwalk Sequence, is now live on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Apple iBooks plus others through Draft2Digital.

The mysterious war machine device known as the Gizmo is getting restless and trying to use Melanie’s daughter Bess and her nephew Richard as a means of escape from its confinement. Meanwhile, problems arise with potential rogue Netwalkers tied not just to Melanie’s past but to her parents and the original capture of the Gizmo. Can Melanie work with her estranged Netwalker grandmother Sarah as well as Bess to stop the Gizmo and deal with past shadows that threaten to dominate Bess’s future?

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